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Jul 02, 2007
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Dec 19, 2014

About Me:

I am a Professional Photographer located in Birmingham Alabama with over 30 yrs experience. I shoot for model's portfolios, calendars, websites, posters, ads, magazines, etc. I have been published in several magazines. I specialize in glamour, Shibari, fetish and erotic photography . Available for hire.....reasonable rates.


Rules for Shooting :

Rule # 1  Just because I shoot nudes in my portfolio does not mean I only shoot nudes
If you want to shoot nudes, you must be 19 yrs old . The first picture of the session will be your Drivers License.
I have shot everything from formal to erotic throughout my 30 yrs of experience so I am open for anything.But just to be clear , Implied is implied, topless is bare breasts , art nude is bare breast and erotic is ........well , don't shut the front door !

I will not book a shoot with a model until I have spoken with them in person or on the phone. No exceptions! I also want the model to call me the morning of the shoot to verify that they are coming .

Rule #3
I dont talk about other people's work , or models and or their personal life so dont ask . I hate drama

Rule #4
If it takes you a month to return an email . I probably won't want to shoot with you.If I asked to be your friend , then there is a 99.9 % chance that I would like to shoot with you . If after 6 months of me asking to shoot and you never do and then you suddenly disappear from my friends list........I dont know what happened ....lol

Rule #5
If your grandmother will make me take your Bikini pics down off of my website . I probably won't want to shoot with you. If you have a jealous sister that shares your topless pics with your parents , then I hate it for you. See rule 3 , I hate dramma

Rule #6
No other Cameras allowed . I hate to do this but no cell phones in the shoot area. Let your friends know before hand that you will be busy ......

Rule #7
Chaperones are ok . Jealous boyfriends will be bound, gagged and placed at the front door for convenient pick up.

Rule #8
Chaperones that offer photographic advice will fall under rule 7 and can be picked up upon completion of the shoot by the front door .

Rule #9
Late or No Call - No Show
I take what I do very seriously.
If you are going to be late . Let me know beforehand . If you are going to me more than n hour late , we will probably need to reschedule . I often book shoots back to back and can not run over.......If you don't call ......just don't call me back !

If you are a no call , no show for a TF project your name goes into that small "special"  book that I share with my friends .
If in the event you have to cancel .....please let me know at leash 3 hrs before the shoot . Don't text me....call me. I am not in the business of setting up lights only to take them back down.

Rule # 10
Models must sign a model release form. Images "WILL BE" displayed on my websites and used for advertising, promotion of studio and or services .

Rule # 11
Images will not be allowed to be distorted or manipulated in any way other than resizing . Art is Good, Cartoons are bad.       

Rule #12
I dont do group shoots or participate in events where I dont have some degree of control , (TIME) I dont like to be rushed or maybe I am a control freak . I don't know which......
Rule 13
No Children are allowed on the set due to Content and the cost of equipment .........and I make a terrible babysitter. See Rule 7

Rule 14
I will let everyone involved in a shoot know who will be attending...........not that I had a model show up at a shoot with another model's ex boyfriend .....Just saying !

Rule 15
I love to work with new models. I have tons of Contacts and I can help get you started .......also the magazine helps with exposure too....

Rule 16
I dont provide transportation to the shoot

Rule 17
I will supply you with 10 Fully edited images from the "Shoot" within 10-14 days . I will send all other raw images in a zip file through email within 2 days of the shoot .

Rule 18
I do not deal with modeling agencies .....period

Rule 19
Hair and makeup is "usually" not provided. Please arrive with your make up ready . I tend to get quite impatient when I have to wait .Also I block out time for shoots and I cant run into another persons time........so you may not get so many shots .....just saying........Finger nails and toe nails must match if painted . All nails must be same color, not alternating colors or one black nail. If its half worn off then it needs to be fixed before we shoot. Glitter eye make up is great for the club but looks like fireworks from the studio flash.

Bright red Lipstick is a MUST !!

Rule  20
I am not a photobank . I do not store images to be sent to you months after a shoot when your computer crashes. Also, If you are really gorgeous and one of your friends steal some of your pics and creates a fake FB account .......I am not responsible.

Rule 21 If you steal my clothes and are dumb enough to wear them at another shoot later and post the pics....I will let all 3000 of my friends know

Rule 22 I am not a big fan of spray tans . They are never done evenly and present an editing nightmare

Rule 23 I only hire nude models with nude images in their portfolio. If I pay you then I need a signed full release .

Rule 24 Modeling is more than hair and makeup.

Rule 25
If you are 5'10 or taller ; ballet dancer , have tons of ink or your middle initial is "D" or "DD" you move to the head of the line .

In the words of Elmer Fudd , I believe that's All Folks"   Just Chalk them up as life lessons and experience... Password is "I am Cool with the Rules"