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Saint George, Utah, US

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Jul 11, 2007
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May 25, 2017
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Pin up Photographer, artist, photoshop work

Howdy there, My name is John Eaves and I am photographer with a great passion for pinup, cosplay, and themed shoots. I just moved to Saint George Utah, and work in California so I am available to shoot in either region. I love shooting at all the new locations in and between the two states, and I've had a great time working with all the local models createing fun and imaginative images.... When I am not taking pictures, I am an illustrator for the motion picture and Television industry (primarily with the world of Star Trek)  I started taking pictures in 09 with Miss Amanda Lee and Miss Wednesday Mourning being the first models I worked with,,,, Many years later we still shoot together when ever we can!!!!  My sincerest thanks go out to the many photographers and models who have inspired me along the way with their incredible talents. Recently I have been able to travel all over California, Arizona, and soon Wyoming, Nebraska, & Colorado to shoot with some truly wonderful models at some awesome locations!!! The Antelope Valley has provided most of the backdrops for the shoots and almost everyday I find somewhere new to shoot at. If your near by or in the area and want to shoot drop me a line... Also if your in need of any photoshop work, artistic modification, B&W conversion, custom frame or title block work give me a go,,,I love collaborating with creative folks and I have quite an extensive line of Pin up outfits if your needing something special for one of our shoots, below is a link to my wardrobe collection so feel free to browse.. If you wish to send me an invite to join my friends list, please write a note to introduce yourself first,  below are some additional links to my blog and other fun stuff, come on over and check em out. Thanks Be sure to check out my other MM page Atomic johnny's pinups # #2126972

A big thank you goes to Gabriella & Sande Kaczkurkin, and Victoria Vertuga for all the professional assistance with making my page,, you three are the best!!!!

pin up clothes link

My facebook pinup page

shooting locations

my IMDB page

my blog

Miss Eileen Atkinson #1056197 goes classic Star Trek

above are some new picture of Miss Anela Amaretto, #1616346

Miss Eileen Atkinson Mayhem #1056197 in the above three images

Arizona models Lola De Lish, Just Jen, Laurel Rae, & Daniza, along with the fine folks at the Pima Air Museum made for some of my most favorite pictures.

the Star Trek outfits and themes made for some outstanding photoshoots and got a lot of traffic for the gals on my blog!!!

the military pin up shoots are always very fun to do and we have gotten to shoot at some pretty cool places!!!

Miss Amanda Lee was the first model I ever shot with and she is one talented and lovely lady!!! Thanks for all the awesome shoots Amanda!!

Art and beauty are in the eye of the beholder,  and I have been oh so fortunate to work with some extremely talented and artistic ladies,,,
Here are some links to the fabulous models I have had the honor to work with!!  check out their sites and say howdy!!

times we have shot together *

Miss Chelsea-Rea, #2699844

Miss Eileen Atkinson, #1056197***

Miss Amanda Lee,  Mayhem #132424***

Miss Victoria Vertuga, Mayhem #22793**

Miss Mikki Bitten,  Mayhem #1386849

Miss Lola De Lish,  Mayhem #1008138

Miss Penny Von Luck,  Mayhem #750386****

Miss Daniza,  Mayhem # 820183**

Miss Melissa Flower,  Mayhem #1261936

Just Jen AZVK, Mayhem #1260458***

Miss Jess Robinson, Mayhem #539418**

Miss Crystal Star,  Mayhem #554229**

Miss Laurel Rae,  Mayhem #1071692**

Miss Jenna Majenta, Mayhem#17581132

Miss Meagan Ross, Mahem# 1359874

Miss Lola Von Lovely, Mahem# 1646449

Miss Cindy Hesselton, Mahem# 866755****

Miss Kendell Clements, Mahem# 1641308*****

Miss Elizabeth Mills, Mahem# 17686734

Miss Rebecca Seghers, Mahem#  1839546

Miss Erin Tiffany, Mahem#   1803949

Miss Katy Awful, Mahem#  1335508**

Miss Kween Kriisty, Mahem# 1349063

Miss Claudia Leigh, Mahem#  1167847

Miss Kay Jay, Mahem#  1889569**

Miss SuzieG, Mahem#  1964576

Miss Emily Harris, Mahem#  2220965***

Miss Alexandra Gunn, Mahem#  1889244**

Miss Meagan Moorman, Mahem#  1957250

Miss Deanne Elysse, Mahem#  1337831

Mynxieme# 2389426***

Meagan Ross# 1359874

Frankie Fairlane# 1218378



Katherine McCoy# 800281

Val# 2239562

Jilli Bean# 2201356**

Jin n Tonic# 2218778**

Jody Kovak# 371022

Shlee Lindroth# 1588221

Elizabeth Meacham# 1250807

Lacy Lane# 853924

Sarah Danielle k # 2246209

Evelyn P.

ClassyLadyJulia # 2618398

Bria Brenae# 3252279

Maygen B # 1838144

Riccella # 2858903 ***

Moriah V Sinclair # 2929832

Antoinette M # 374943 ***

julia93561 # 2611499

Erica Ross # 2187671

Kaily Sanders # 1083314

Ravyn Moon # 2948974

Vera Thompson # 2683255 **

Erica D Rivera # 2504393

Suzanne # 1649994

AshleyPKelly # 2823179

Vixen Charlie Q #1789848 **

Charise Jeanine #2943002

Summer Fontaine # 3171952

Connie Turner # 2908214

Tonee Weaver # 1930406

and Miss Wednesday Mourning, Mayhem #2769